What is Roefelen?

Roefelen is the Flemish word for acquainted with, investigating or dicovering something new. On a Roefeldag children - accomplished by adults - visit companies, institutions and associations. They can take a look there and often actively work along. During the Roefeldag, the children are introduced to the activities of adults in their own environment.

Children usually do not come easily in contact with these activities. Children can now experience how a catering company makes a 1000 desserts, what a physical therapist does, what happens behind the door of the imposing office building.

During the Roefeldag, children answer their questions and can often really help a hand and so experience what it is like in a particular profession or business. 

By participating in a Roefeldag children and adults come into close contact with each other and they get to know each other better. This promotes mutual respect and therefore has a positive impact on the living in the district.

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